Scale without limits

Are you looking for a reliable, robust, long term storage solution, one that is capable of meeting all your needs without compromising on safety?
In an ecosystem of ever increasing demand, CryoHexagon's revolutionary racking system has changed the narrative on the storage and maintenance of all biological materials.
Our smart, cutting-edge design transforms your lab infrastructure into a highly efficient matrix bolstering capacity by up to 4x. Now, there's no need to consider the acquisition of additional floor space or external, off-site facilities to address your immediate and long term storage requirements. 

The Cryo-Hexagon Racking System at a Glance

An ergonomic and durable design manufactured using stainless steel and built to last.

A smart 2-tier canister model and a simple yet highly efficient 2-click lever action doubles the capacity of each canister and delivers a smoother handling experience for all lab technicians.

In the event of an accident, the closed lip-feature prevents spillages allowing for the better management of any emergencies.

The system is fully customisable and compatible with the majority of today’s modern freezing units.

CryoHexagon's easy to install advanced solution extends your storage capacity time horizon giving you the peace of mind and confidence to deliver scalable growth.

Key deliverables


Optimize the utility of your current space whilst substantially increasing storage capacity


Improve the overall handling experience and maintenance of biological samples without compromising on safety standards and directives


Avoid off-site storage solutions and associated transfer risks


Reduce costs and unnecessary, repetitive manual tasks

"The Definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple." — Albert Einstein

Distinct Characteristics

Durable Ergonomic Design

2 Tier Canister Model

Single Tier option

Why Cryo-Hexagon

Roee Sela

CEO and Founder

I developed this storage system on the back of personal professional experience that I had to endure in my daily efforts as Lab Director of a large IVF facility.

Limited space and the existing freezer configuration greatly impacted our lab layout and overall environment with storage units randomly dispersed, swallowing up precious square footage.

These issues were a constant thorn in my side and caused me endless sleepless nights. I understood that they were not going to miraculously disappear and were being further exacerbated by the increase in the volume of biological material along with an increase in cycles of treatment for the freezing of eggs, embryos and sperm.

As a lab manager, I desperately looked for a solution to this acute problem which eventually led me to create the Cryo-Hexagon racking system which is now a fully registered patented solution.


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